Website Analysis: Why Is My Traffic So Low?

Website analysis can be a difficult process, but it is necessary when your website is not bringing in the traffic you were hoping for or even expecting. Analyzing your website can help you determine how to improve your results.

One of the first things that should be done is to just look through the website. Make sure the pages all come up quickly and don’t have any problems with any graphics or videos that don’t want to load. Also, ensure all the links to pages on the website all work.

Sometimes the problems are pretty easy to determine. Just by looking at the website like a potential customer would do, it could show you an obvious problem.

An independent party can help you with your website analysis

If you are on your website a lot, and especially if you designed it yourself, you will want to consider having another person do this for you to provide another set of eyes on your site. Sometimes when you are on a site, some simple mistakes can sneak by you but will be obvious to someone else. Also, it will help to have someone with no agenda provide you with a different point of view.

You’ll also want to check your website on various popular Web browsers. If your website works on the browser you choose to use doesn’t necessarily mean it works on other browsers. If people that use those browsers are unable to access your website, then that’s a large percentage of potential traffic you are losing.

Another part of your website analysis should be doing a crawl diagnostic summary. This will assist you in being able to find problems that are behind the scenes, including page errors, warnings and notices. This also will help in finding search engine penalties and help with indexing and ranking your website.

A website analysis should also include a competitive domain analysis. This will help determine if your domain authority is weak or if your website is not commanding very many links on the web.

Another important part of a website analysis is a rankings report. This will help you determine if you are not ranking very high for keywords on your website. This report will look at each keyword and will show you if they have declined in rankings or not moved up as much as you had hoped.

When you get the results from your analysis, then you will need to compare it to any work you’ve done on your website, especially the timing of any changes. If your traffic was hurt just after you made the changes, you may want to rethink the changes and look at doing it a different way. Of course, if you found an error or two in the changes you made, then you will want to correct the errors and give it some time before you decide if you need to make more changes.

If you are not sure of how to do the website analysis yourself, you can always turn to a Web design company that offers this service. Many companies will even do a website analysis for free.

Darin McGilvra

Darin McGilvra has been a professional writer since 1997. He currently writes about personal finances, information technology and sports for numerous websites, including,, and Yahoo! Sports.

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