Copy Writing

Copywriting is used for the purpose of selling and marketing a business, a product, a service or an idea. Search engine optimization (SEO) utilizes copy writing in the form of content on webpages. Spotya! Media uses content writing to promote media marketing, advance SEO management and promote page ranking to increase new visitors to the webpage. Through use of key terms, within the content, search engines will pick up the webpage more frequently. Copywriting is a key factor in the beginning communication stages between business and potential customer.

How to get Noticed by Search Engines?

Writing Research

A copywriter will research the company, service, product or idea. The content will be designed to inform, educate and/or promote the business while utilizing the perspective of a potential customer during the writing process. A copywriter works with this information and creatively produces professional concise content which relays the purpose of the site and holds the reader’s interest. In conjunction with all of this, SEO optimization remains the driving force in the creative process.

Layout & Composition

The developers and copywriters will team up to display the content effectively, incorporating pictures and graphics. The layout may utilize a template or a custom designed format. Content is written to fit within the developer’s layout for each page. Spotya! Media has a cooperative team working to promote each content page to optimize media marketing.

We Keep Clients in Mind

Spotya! Media is driven by the client’s success. It is our mission to get the client’s business mission and philosophy across to potential customers. Clients will have the opportunity to proofread the content and corrective suggestions will be applied. The creative team welcomes input from the client. The pages are written to attract new customers; the business owner knows the story the best, who better to have the last word?

Ready for Launch!

Once the pages are complete and the copywriting has been attached. The client will be invited to view and review the final product. At this point the Spotya! Media team has completed their work upon the final approval of the client. The SEO optimized site will then be launched putting the client’s business into the competitive Internet world.

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