Video is no longer just for entertainment or educational purposes. A website with video embedded on the pages will promote your Google page ranking from within. Video is being used for Search Engine Optimization, or as its most commonly referred to as, SEO.

When looking online for a business or type of service, you enter text into the search bar and with the blink of an eye a list of businesses appear. Although you may stay on one page that contains your search results, there are typically numerous amounts of pages, each containing matched results.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words...
Just Think What Your Videos Can Do!

Leverage Video for Search Results

Companies will focus on SEO in order to be on the top of the first page of your Google inquiry. You can imagine with all of the companies targeting the same goal, SEO has become quite competitive. This is the reason search engine giants keep changing their algorithms. Despite no one really knowing the exact formula to obtain the top spot upon result pages, the king of search engines, Google, has released updates that offer clues as to what will get your business ranked higher. What Google is telling us now, is that it’s time to focus on video!

Inform Your Customers with Concise Videos

Videos that you post do not have to be some high priced piece of movie magic. It could in fact be a simple and straightforward 1 - 2 minute clip about your business and your product. Simply, by having a product page that includes a video, it not only ensures your video will be cached, but it’s also 53 times more likely to achieve a page one listing on Google. Video will also make your page a bit more “sticky”, as it will normally cause someone browsing through your pages to stay and watch the video. Now that is optimization!

Each video will also contain a link for the viewer to go deeper into the pages of your website. The longer a viewer stays, the more apt they will become your next customer, return for more information or even tell a friend. You must have seen or heard about video going viral. YouTube (owned by Google) is known for catching the attention of millions of viewers. Short videos catch a reader’s interest. A passerby will more likely commit to watching the full length of a short video. Video is an inexpensive way to index your website.

Let Spotya! Media bring your website into the search engine limelight with short videos for your business web pages. The work we put into making our client’s site more SEO friendly will drive your site ranking to a much higher position on Google.

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