Custom Logo Design

A brand and logo project is a custom creation to optimize your business profile. Logo and design strategies begin with interviewing the client and understanding their business philosophy. Solutions are created by blending the perfect mix of color with design. The science involved in creating a balanced brand is what will perfect the custom logo. Spotya! Media will create a superior quality custom brand and logo to establish your unique business atop the competitive market.

Our Process

Triple Line Solar

The Spotya! Media design team worked with Triple Line Solar to create this professional brand and logo for their solar panel installation business. The distinguished detailed look was a compilation of client input and a designer’s hard work and dedication to the final product. This new custom brand and logo assisted the company branching out on top of the local solar installation market.

Texas Auto Title loan

This out of state company chose the Spotya! Media team to design and create their unique brand and logo. Using patriotic colors and an image associated with any vehicle, this image blended the company’s philosophy and business service perfectly. The client was beyond pleased with the final product.

That Solar Guy

This creative project involved intensive communication between client and designing team. Optimizing the client’s business philosophy within the logo creation captured the perfect balance between design and color. Custom revisions perfected the look which pleased the client and branded the company’s visual representation.

Trust Certified

The company expressed their intention to incorporate the business name in conjunction with their service. A collaboration of business philosophy and distinctive design resulted in the professional stylistic logo and branded image. The client’s potential customers will feel the trust projected from the customized brand.

E-Biz Debt Relief

We all know that financial problems can rain down on the best of any individual or business. This particular company conveyed their message to the Spotya! Media team and the unique logo brand developed into this final layout. The image projects that there is relief to be found from a storm of debt. This is a perfect example of how a company’s brand can communicate business philosophy through creative brand and logo design.

My Cash Time

This client acquired the business and looked to Spotya! Media to revamp the company’s image. The online business was promoted within their competitive market through the redesign of logo and brand. Purpose was communicated through the initial consultation. A collaboration of design team creativity and vision with the client’s purpose set this company’s productivity in motion.

Tony The Phone Guy

The distinctive logo sets this company apart from others with the “can do” image of Tony the Phone Guy. It is a perfect balance of design and purpose to optimize this business’ profile. Spotya! Media successfully branded this company with a professional visual to connect to a potential customer’s need for phone service.

Our Process

Sketch Logo Ideas

A client’s input begins first stage. Spotya! Media utilizes client idea and concept suggestions to spark the creative process. Sketching multiple ideas is an important aspect to this process; an evolution of ideas, significant to each custom design. The black and white sketches project the artistic intention for brand and logo. The process is a creative science Spotya! Media emphasizes in each layout.

Draft Logo

Once the sketching phase is complete, ideas are drafted together to formulate the final product. The paper pen and ink sketches will then be graphically designed on the computer. With pixel perfect precision, the brand and logo will be created. Each angle, line, curve, shaded area and background design will be presented for inspection.

Customer Revisions

Clients are invited to review and inspect the final draft. If changes are necessary, the client’s input will be utilized for the final product. Revision is a process, tweaking any aspect until the finished look is approved. This phase of custom logo design is a group effort between client and designing team. The final product’s purpose, to project the company's image into the competitive market, will achieve positive results.

Completed Brand

The final brand and logo will promote the success of your business image. The new logo will identify the business utilizing the custom made mark or icon. The brand design projects the emotional corporate image to new and returning customers through complex eye-catching creations. Spotya! Media will create a brand that is unique and easily recognizable to customers.

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