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Social Media Madness has Struck!

What are the benefits of Social Media?

As of 2012, approximately 2/3 of all web users are active on social media. This number will only increase in the coming years. With nearly 250 million internet users on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, the benefits of social media marketing are numerous. Perhaps the number-one advantage of social media marketing is generating more business exposure. Each of these platforms is a tool for you to establish and increase your company's trustworthiness. In turn this increases traffic to your website, boosts your page ranking, drives repeat business and helps to build new relationships.

How should I use Social Media for my Business?

Imagine creating a buzz about your company without even knowing it. Wouldn't you want to know what the public felt about your company? Of course you would! Social media puts you right next to your customer. By actively “listening” via social media to what is being said about you and the product or service you are offering, you are able to build and maintain a following of customers who later become advocates to your brand.

Why do I want Social Media?

Social media marketing has become a game changer to many businesses by increasing the exposure and popularity of a particular brand. However, it's not just a new found fame your followers will fall in love with. By moving to social media, consumers will get to know you, your company, and your brand. Did you know that 58% of businesses saw a drop in marketing costs by utilizing social media? Not only will your brand gain exposure, you’ll positively change the way you connect with your customers!

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