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Way back in the "good old days," of 1999, when growth rates of 200 percent and 300 percent were being forecast for any ecommerce operation, many planned only to be around long enough for the Initial Public Offering (IPO) bailout. Profitability took a back seat to survival in those days. That philosophy even made sense back then. Dollars and sense.

Nowadays, your business model has to be top-notch straight out of the starting gate. Your projections must be based on sound research. Assuming you have gotten all of those business algorithms right, Spotya! Media is the perfect partner to build the ideal virtual showcase for your company. A showcase that, dollar for dollar, will totally blow away your competition.

We pride ourselves on building ecommerce sites, with all the bells and whistles configured into the DNA of the site, with competitive prices. We do that because Spotya! Media is in an industry that has also undergone a reality check, and the survivors will be those who offer real value for money.

Spotya! Media is a Web 2.0 company who does just that: integrates your information into an organized web platform which encourages interaction from others. It is the next generation of ecommerce.

Spotya! Media — Your
Ecommerce Partner

So, if you are looking to revamp an outdated ecommerce site or build a whole new online presence, Spotya! Media will spot ya with your dream virtual store. It doesn't matter to us how vast or fiddly your product range or how complex your business model is, our team will make e-sense of it all. We will work with you to create logical links and navigation prompts that lead visitors through the sales cycle of the site.

If you are a smaller operator or a home based business, wanting to market only a few product lines, we have a cost-effective solution for you too. We treat projects with equal commitment. Spotya! Media is more than a website builder. We are a full spectrum Internet marketing company that will provide you with complete business solutions. So let us make dollars and sense of your ecommerce vision.

Choosing a Spotya! Media Solution

Our team of marketers, copywriters, programmers and support staff are your ticket to an ecommerce site that:

  • Is search engine friendly
  • Has optimized copywriting crafted by some of the web's best content specialists to convert more of your virtual visitors to clients
  • Presents your products and services in ways that inspire responses
  • Offers your virtual visitors such a rewarding experience they are inspired to visit your bricks and mortar store, add your products to their shopping cart, complete a “contact us” prompt or call your 1-800-number
  • Will grow as your business grows
  • Comes with a strategy for driving clients to the site from day one. Our strategy analyzes ad spending and tracks the return on investment of sponsored search campaigns

The back end has:

  • Analytical tools to evaluate sales trends and encourage clients to buy related products
  • A robust catalog interface that offers the option for you to maintain your own catalog of products
  • Real time access to see who is visiting your virtual store and view their shopping cart
  • Comprehensive sales reports with integrated payment and shipping options
  • Seamless interface with UPS WorldShip that provides quotes for shipping costs in real time and adds automatically to the checkout balance Credit Card Payments in real time

Our prices start at $3,500 for what would have been, just a couple of years ago, a twenty thousand dollar website. Other companies still charge those exuberant prices for sites with similar features.

So let Spotya! Media spot ya with the perfect ecommerce solution. Call Us Now

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